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Invisible Braces in Manchester

Malmin Dental Group offers a full Orthodontic dental service. We have four state-of-the-art dental clinics located in Manchester and London, in the UK.

When you are happy with your teeth, your day-to-day experiences are more enjoyable. You may be aware that when you talk to other people your gaze is naturally drawn to their teeth. This is because the mouth is the main focal point of the face.

Dealing with other people, face to face, when you are not happy with your teeth, can cause confidence issues, and this lack of confidence may impact on your everyday life – but it doesn’t have to be this way! Malmin Dental Group can restore your confidence by enhancing your smile.

Countless orthodontic clinics offer similar promises, but Malmin Dental Group can provide you with everything you need to get a smile that you are delighted to show off.

Why Choose Malmin for orthodontics?

We at the Malmin Dental Group are leaders in Orthodontics and have a devoted team of highly qualified and experienced dentists at four state-of-the-art clinics, based in Manchester and London, UK.

The cosmetic orthodontists at our clinics have been specifically selected to work at Malmin Dental Group based on their extensive skills in their fields, and have enjoyed great success, whilst proudly working for Malmin Dental Group. Call us now 0161-214-4800 to get best dental treatment in Manchester

The Malmin Dental Group will provide you with:

  • UK trained Orthodontic experts in whom you can have 100% confidence
  • A complete assessment and consultation with one of our specialists
  • Extremely competitive prices
  • Expert advice and experience in invisible braces for teeth and invisible orthodontics
  • An easy-to-understand breakdown of procedure – we will keep you fully up-to-date of any decisions made and the treatment
  • schedules involved
  • Superlative dentistry practices
  • 5 star customer service team , always happy to tailor to your needs and requirements
  • The Malmin Dental Group promise to provide only the best in dental enhancement




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